Sitting around a camp fire at night is a delight!…(D.Warth)2 min read

Sitting around a camp fire at night is a delight!

The crackling wood, the magical changing colors in the flames, the sparks flying off into the night…no where I would rather be.

Does the hypnotic affect of the warm colors woe us to another place? Do the dancing flames give us courage? Does the infinite sky make us immortal? Are the sparks our dreams rising up?

The creepy dark behind us is hidden and only a warm glow of friendship lingers. Sit with me dream a while – be at rest.

Talk is easier in the dark – no harsh replies – no critics – no need to stand on ceremony.

Where will we be? Where are we going? Who will rescue us? Sit a while around the camp fire.

Let your eyes rest – let the fire warm you – dance with the flames – fly with the sparks.

Worry will not add one day to your life – dream a while – wish a bit.

Far far away on a hill near a stream lived a man with his dog in a hut on a hill.

 The man and the dog would walk on the hills watching their sheep as they wandered on the hill near their hut by the stream. 

A woman came up the hill to the hut near the stream she saw the sheep and the man and the dog. She sat a while waiting and watching the man and the dog and the sheep. 

The sun started setting in the distance changing the light to streaks of pink and grey. 

The man returned to the hut on the hill near the stream with his dog. 

The woman got up and made a camp fire near the stream.

 They all sat and watched the colors changing and the sparks flying and listened to the wood crackling. 

All was well with the world at the hut on the hill near the stream around the camp fire.