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On 26-Sep-19 19:07, Mike Garden wrote:

Focus on Greta Thunberg also brings up the subject of:  What is an education?  

She is streets ahead of world leaders, on adding up what 1+1 equals.  And doing what is necessary, with that.  Despite juggling the cost to herself.  

I have also noticed in our own country, that sometimes money without an education emphasizing say manners and other socially guiding principles, falls short.

Indeed, we need move outside of the confines of the curriculum towards character – and this is a fine example of youth (perhaps sadly) showing us the way.


It just defies belief that people would rather spend time and energy attacking a 16 year old that considering whether our appetite for unrestrained consumerism is in any way sustainable? The criticism that her speech ‘was rehearsed’ is just the worst yet!! Tell me who doesn’t rehearse a speech delivered at the UN?! But anyway, let’s rather let Greta respond in her own, eloquent words @gretathunbergsweden


Hi— A sixteen year old Greta has not had much time to think but she has been told a lot by adult  climate-change activists, notably her mother whose book on the subject needed some clever publicity which a shady PR outfit provided to bolster its search for funding.   The world is being conned yet again over man’s role in climate change. Water vapour is a greater influence on climate than carbon. Carbon imprint figures are misleading:  Australia has a high figure (bad!) partly because it produces a lot of food for export to countries that are not self-sufficient; and the more their populations grow (notably in Africa) the greater the humanitarian need for food. Greta should be talking about population control —but that of course is not trendy. The earth will survive climate change, unchecked population will not. RSR 


Charles:  The leading resolve of scientists and someone with that extent conviction – would not bow down to scare companies.  

But please, definitely expound, on the factors I only see now daily on the news, outside of man’s control, mentioning something like the ozone layer.


To the person (Charles) who says Greta is a Con….I think you are completely missing the point. This is about a general wave of greed and waste that has been exponentially ripping our planet apart and separating the human race from the natural environment. Climate Change is a scientifically proven symptom of our mismanagement and overexploitation of our natural resources. It is SO much easier to label this as hoax than to actually try and play your part. You sadly fail to see the bigger picture with Greta….have you not noticed the pollution, the rubbish, the deforestation, the plastic crisis, the ever increasing divide between rich and poor? Outside man’s control…? All part of the same problem and clearly an inconvenient truth once again. Wake up.


There was an excellent lecture at the History Society on the subject of Climate Change which supported what Charles said that 95% is outside man’s control.  the speaker also observed that the scare tactics instituted were largely paid for by the EU.   Finally, I find no reason to listen to a rude child who ignores her own country’s behaviour in the Arctic Circle  where the lifestyle of the indigenous inhabitants is being damaged by the Swedish Government.   Lyn


I was a member of the Lower Mazowe Valley (Lomaz) committee in the late 1980s when the feasibility studies for, both Mazowe dam and Kunzwi dam were undertaken and funding secured from the Germans and Italians( if my memory serves me correctly) however these weren’t considered a priority by government at that time.


Re Harare water, I was unable to download the video but the fact is that ALL service delivery from CoH has steadily declined for many, many years, exponentially more recently. Clive commented about the billboard exhorting the payment of rates to guarantee service delivery; in actual fact this is a plea so that salaries can be paid, some, at the higher levels, of obscene proportions. Unless we, as ratepayers refuse to pay for services not received, which we are legally entitled to do, the theft of our rates payments will continue unabated. 


Everyone knows me as Andy (Kristiansen). It was not I who wrote the first piece on Greta, but I agreed with some of it! Wow, it’s certainly creating a storm – pun intended!


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