48. Clutching her battered suitcase…(C T Tapera )3 min read

Clutching her battered suitcase in her hand, she got off the bus and trudged down the dust road. Her eyes were filled with tears and all you could see was a poor soul begging for a little love and affection. She trotted down the dust road with a heavy heart, weary face and blur eyes filled with tears of sorrow.It was evident that she was troubled and needed a shoulder to cry on.

I watched her from a distance as I followed behind her. She tripped and fell on the ground and that’s when I ran to her.From behind I reached for her shoulder and she turned,her lips were dry and her face was pale. Her eyes yearned for a little comfort and immediately I threw myself to the ground and attacked her with a hug. At first she was hesitant but a few minutes later she burst into tears.

I held her tightly and she clinged onto me lika how a scared little child holds on to his mother in darkness. At that moment I realised she was a broken soul trying to escape the scare of this world. After some minutes she sobbed as she lay on my legs then I helped her up and held her suitcase as I asked for directions to her house. We walked for some time then from a distance an old lady watched us walk as we approached her house. The lady crawled to meet us at the gate and the stranger threw herself to the ground near the disabled lady who I later learnt was her grandmother. All the painful and hurtful thoughts started creeping back to life and at once she narrated her dreadful journey of life till that very moment.

“Sleeping soundly in my deserted room, a squicky noise interrupted my sleep. I slowly raised my head and dosingly opened my eyes. The door opened slowly and I could not see who it was. I immediately went back to sleep and a few seconds later I felt a hand slowly rubbing my thigh and I panicked. I quickly turned to my right side to see who it was but I couldn’t as darkness was the king of the room. I felt a very strong grip on my mouth as his hand prevented me from screaming. Slowly I felt his hard brittled hand rubbing my thigh and it moved to my breasts. I silently let out tears of grief and pain.

He started kissing me hungrily and I could feel his moist breathe on hit my skin. I was very afraid and helpless at the same time. I tried to move my legs but they were interlocked by his. He whispered “Be calm, you are now mine.” When I recognisdd his voice my senses went numb, I felt inexplicable pain in me as I discovered it was my own uncle. My tears drenched my pillow. He aggressively tore my night dress and licked his lower lip. I couldn’t help it but just cry. I felt powerless and developed so much hatred and bitterness towards him the moment he took away my virginity at a tender age.

When he was done he spat on my face and said, “Where is your dignity now?” The harm was already done I just laid there drenched in tears and blood. After some time I gathered up so much strength and opened water in the tub and just sat there. After some time I dressed up in warm clothes and sneaked out of the house to the rank and I boarded the bus that was there. Here I am grandmother am in pain”

She wept bitterly and I reached to her and hugged her. After sobbing tirelessly I helped the both of them get into the house and I promised to come check on them later on. My heart ached as I realised that the stranger I met on the way was only but a broken soul with broken dreams and shattered goals. She needed my help…