47. A stranger I met on the way..(Anonymous)2 min read

(Background and context)

1995– first ever encounter with depression,I got extremely sick kidney infection,general body weakness,my mouth stunk because I couldn’t even get out of bed to brush my teeth and when I did I opened my mouth and stalagtite and stalagmite.I could barely get down the stairs without having to ‘sit this one out’/sit this stair out.In bed I couldn’t even sleep on my back because that was the origin of the pain.I overthought and overthought until my conscience grew dehydrated and tired until all my thoughts had overflowed.I blamed myself.

1996 – a side of myself that I’d never seen before that I’d never been warned about,a side of my anger more salt in my tears

1997- the amnesia I’ve completely forgotten myself as an individual I’ve grown insanely tired just from telling someone about myself someone who wants to get to know me.Planes made me relive shell shock.

Basically in my short story I will be describing my journey with depression how it entered my life as a stranger ,tried to escape as victor and left as conquered.I still do have occasional bad moments here and then but I feel as though I am in a more sunny position than I was before and now that I am in the sun I get the chance to grow all aspects of myself my character my emotional spiritual and physical self without hinderance or hesitation.so in the story ‘my way’ refers to my life’s journey hence I am beginning my  story with I am still on the way I am still on my way.

Happy before

Characterize as a person but still portray it as unreal untouchable transparent he didn’t walk he flew