57. The alarm went off, my hand went out and knocked it to the floor…(L.Hacking)1 min read


The alarm went off, my hand went out and knocked it to the floor,

“Ouch!”, I said, got out of bed and banged into the door

Grabbed my phone, nothing happened and threw it towards the bed

It crashed to the floor, flashed bright once and now it’s truly dead!

Grabbed the table, found the matches, got the candle ready

Struck five matches, five matches more, until a flame burnt steady…..

Reached out slowly, hand on guard, and just as I neared the candle

The flame went out, the candle fell and landed on my sandel

I stepped back, trod on the cat and screamed out “Effing Hell!!”

My pajama leg was torn to shreds and both knee caps as well….

“What’s going on?” my husband said, he appeared above the sheet

“I can’t see what I’m doing!” I screamed and lurched towards his feet

“Take the torch”, he switched it on and shone it in my face

 All I could see was fireworks exploding out in space……

With light now present, cat consoled and order now restored

Off to the kitchen, saucepan filled from the water container hoard 

More matches, (many matches and another box yet still…)

Eventually the stove was lit, the pot aflame and mugs ready to fill

Bucket bath, makeup smudged and hair in messy bun

Un-ironed clothes, (colours not matched) but all essentials done

Into the car, check the gauge and scream with rage aloud

The fuel is low, the light is on, no time to join the crowd

Of people with ripped kneecaps; broken phones and mismatched clothes

“Sorry, no Zesa –  can’t fill your car, this garage will be closed…..”