LENDING A HELPING HAND: The Magaya Triplets2 min read

By Bobby Longhurst

Moneywake Magaya (47) and his wife Eveline (37) had a son Nicholas (12) and a daughter Farirai (7) and were expecting their third child. During one of her routine monthly check-ups at a local clinic it was discovered what she was having twins; a boy and a girl.

When her delivery time arrived, she was admitted to local hospital for a planned Cesarean Section on 29th April 2019. It was during this procedure that the doctors discovered that she was actually carrying three babies, not two as was originally thought. Nevertheless, the babies were born healthy and with good birth weights of 2.7kg for Tadiwanashe (God loves us) the girl and 2.34kg for both boys who were named Tawanaishe (we have found God) and Tadanaishe (we have called to God). They we were discharged after a five-day hospital stay.

Eveline took the babies for their for their first clinic check-up but complained that she had an excruciating headache and was told to see the doctor who prescribed medication, however this did not help. Sadly Eveline passed away a few days later on the 8th May.

Moneywake, a lorry driver by profession is now left on his own with five children to raise. When his situation came to my attention, I  wanted to help so I started to raise money and items for him. The greatest need is baby formula (Nan 1) and disposable nappies and a cot for the babies to sleep in. The triplets go through one tin of baby formula every three days and on average 20 disposable nappies per day which will increase as the triplets grow olders.

Moneywake desperately needs help in raising these triplets and his greatest wish is to be able to pay for a carer to look after his babies while he is at work, which occasionally has him away  for days at a time.

If you are able to help in any way either with goods, ecocash or even to sponsor a carers wages,  please contact Mrs Bobby Longhurst (member of The Base Church, 100 Enterprise Rd) on 0772 416430 (ecocash name Robin Judy Longhurst). All financial donations are recorded for transparency purposes.