It’s a still light breeze end of July night.. (Granny Fisher)1 min read

It’s a still light breeze end of July night in around the camp Fire of ODZI valley in the Zimbabwe eastern Highlands, the last born -fire of all campers . A night not to be forgotten for all tropical Hunters, guides and all outdoor nature lovers in the heart of the Berma bush, with crickets out doing each other in mystical sounds of the night vibe and the glow nites providing the much needed gentle light to easy the mood of the camp.

It was pleasing to see that the young energetic girl guides had started the campfire but alas the wind – blew out a little speckle of a lit dry msasa twig into the dry mushrooming grass of the upcoming summer which started a huge fire round the camp and an emergency evacuation had to be done for the end of winter campers, in the bush there was no network and signal, at the campsite their was no water to put the fire out and the tree branches the campers where not allowed to break an or else there where going to be sued by the environment Bob tronics it was mayhem what could be done to stop the fire around the campfire luckily there was one of the hunters in his private jet from South Africa who telephoned the fire -fighters across the Zambezi to come with a water drone to put out there fire, this saved alot of the game ,flora and fauna yet the crocodiles from ourside just opened one eye and watched in awe🐸