B.S. LEON THANKS YOU3 min read

To All our Guardian Angels

I sit here to write this update, with my heart filled with gratitude.  A few weeks ago, here at BS Leon Trust we sent a message out to the world asking for help.  It’s something we’ve never done so openly, and this is down to the resolute pride we have as a home, always remembering that there are others in this world so much more in need than ourselves.  Over the years we have managed to keep a roof over our heads, unlike many other vulnerable people.  But as you know, we have reached crisis point and it was our time to ask for a miracle.

A few weeks ago, when we put out our appeal, we had no idea how much love would be returned, and in so many forms.  You have played such a great part in helping us to do what we know – make impact for people who are so desperately in need of compassion, comfort and dignity.

There is a saying that goes:  “It takes a village.”  In most cases, this saying is used when talking about raising children, however in these difficult times in Zimbabwe, it has become apparent that it takes the whole community to make an impact.  Every person is unique, and the contribution we make when we come together has the ability to transform people’s outlook on their situations.  We have had a vast range of donations – from financial support to people coming into the home to spend their time with our darling residents.  The important thing for us now, is to maintain the momentum we have picked up with all of your valued support.

The letter we put out to the world did something very important – it portrayed the plight of the vulnerable amongst us, and has brought this issue to the surface.  Our vision for the future is that every single person feels loved, valued and cared for, especially in their time of need.

What has struck us most, has been the sense of community that has been borne out of such a simple request for help.  Even as we all face our darkest times, the light of one small candle cannot be snuffed out when enough people want to be part of the hope we now need as a nation.  The overwhelming sense of “Ubuntu” – a quality that includes the essential human virtues:  compassion and humanity has truly come to life in these past days and weeks.

Gratitude is an emotion that allows us to celebrate the present.  It brings with it positive feelings, being aware of and thankful for the good things that happen in our lives, and taking our time to return the kindness.  It is not happiness that brings us gratitude – but gratitude that bring us happiness.  It makes sense of the past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.  So with that in mind, I would like to extend my gratitude to you all.

God Bless you.


Martine and the B.S. Leon family.