60 Fife Ave/Colquhoun St. New members over age of 55 welcome. Membership $30 annually. Spacious library, TV lounge, hair salon, bar, Bill Green Coffee Shop and restaurant, Bingo every Thur am, other functions throughout the year. Close to Medical Centres. Secure parking. 04-250093


Expect a warm welcome. Various pairs’ competitions. Tue, Thur, Sat 1.45pm, Teams at 6.45pm. Amanda


Meetings each month Jessica 0772-974837
Capital Club every 2nd & 4th Mon Chapman Golf Club 6-8pm. Priscilla 0772-974837,; Marco or Blessing
CBZ Club every 2nd & 4th Thur CBZ Place 5pm.
Challengers Club every 2nd & 3rd Sat Courtney Hotel 8.30- 10.30am.
Champions Club every Fri Speciss College, 6pm.
Chartered Accounts Academy (CAA) Toastmasters Club every 2nd & 4th Wed 2nd Floor, 66 Nelson Mandela, Strachans Building 4-6pm.
Diplomatic Corps Club every 1st & 3rd Thur Chapman Golf Club 6-8pm.
Engineers Club every 2nd & 4th Tue Bromley House (next to American Embassy) 6-8pm. Emmanuel Lisapo 0772-806890,
Executive Club every 1st & 3rd Mon Chapman Golf Club Lloyd 0712-881824,
Higher Life Foundation HLF Offices, Westgate Complex every 2nd & 4th Mon.
KPMG Club Harare every 2nd & 4th Wed KPMG from 8.20am.
Metropolitan Club Harare every 1st & 3rd Tue Batantai Gardens 6-8pm.
Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) every Fri Northend Close, Borrowdale from 8.30-11am.
Waterfront Club every 2nd & 4th Sat Agriculture House